Promoting Green Building Through USGBC and LEED Certification

Palm Springs Interior Design, Mark Nichols’ design studio, has been featured in Metropolitan Home, Palm Springs Life, and on HGTV. The company is the only commercial interior in Palm Springs that has earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation from the United States Green Building Council.

Since its establishment in 1993, USGBC has been dedicated to the advancement and promotion of sustainable buildings. Through its LEED certifications and credentials, the USGBC ensures that buildings and designers meet its requirements. LEED can be used for all building types and ensures that they are constructed using strategies that lead to water savings, efficiency, and overall environmental health. Those buildings that are LEED certified have increased property values, cost less to operate, and are less of a burden on the environment.

Every five years, existing LEED buildings must be recertified to ensure they continue to meet the program’s requirements. The USGBC also offers a LEED Professional Credential for individuals who show experience and knowledge within the green building industry. Through LEED credentials and certifications, the USGBC hopes to create an industry that is increasingly welcoming and knowledgeable about green buildings.


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