Museums Offer Creative Inspiration for Modern Home Design

Mark Nichols, owner of a Palm Springs interior design firm, takes inspiration from the aesthetic design of museums when engaged on his Palm Springs interior design projects. Considering their inspiring use of space, Mark Nichols encourages all involved in home building and interior design to look to museums for innovative ideas.

Among the many museums that today’s homebuilders could look to for inspiration in modern home design, there are a few institutions that are very relevant to modern homes in that they represent new approaches to light and space. These include the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, the Parrish Art Museum, and the Perot Museum of Space and Nature.

Located on the campus of Michigan State University, the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum features a breathtaking display of stainless steel and glass, which underscores the museum’s innovative vision and emphasizes the importance of light. The Parrish Art Museum on Long Island, New York, features a style that is both striking and simple. At the Perot Museum of Science and Nature, unexpected details, such as a tube-like structure that extends outside the building, aim to inspire visitors to new heights of imagination.


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